What licenses are offered?

Licenses for all downloads come in two types. A single site license or a multisite license.

Which license do I need?

A single site license allows automatic updates and support for the software on 1 WordPress installation. This is the license you need if you have just 1 production site.

A multisite license allows automatic updates and support for an unlimited number of sites. This license is best for users who run the same software on a number of WordPress installs.

How long will my license be valid for?

Unless otherwise stated all licenses are valid for 12 months from the day of purchase. A renewal of the license after this date is needed in order to continue receiving support and updates. Renewals happen automatically unless you cancel them.

If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch using our contact form.

When sending fields like <job_listing_region>, and <job_listing_category>, should we use Names or Slugs?

When sending the taxonomy terms through such as the examples above, the term names should be sent as commas separated values. Therefore an example below shows how you assign a job to both accountancy and finance categories.

<job_listing_category>Accountancy, Finance</job_listing_category>

I have added extra job fields (meta fields) to the WP Job Manager plugin. How do I make sure these are available when sending a job from Broadbean?

The plugin provides a filter which developers can use in order to add new fields and make them available in the XML. This means when Broadbean sends those across the plugin will recognise them and add them to the job.

The add your own fields you would do something like this, making use of the wpjmbb_fields filter.


The links above shows an example of adding a salary field. Note that if you are using a plugin to add additional job fields, add the last filter is not necessary.

How do I populate the jobs Geo-location data (custom fields)?

All you need to do here is send a location in the location field as part of the XML. For example:


When the job is added the WP Job Manager plugin will then use this location to generation the geo-location data and save it as custom fields which you can see in the admin when editing a job, under the custom fields section.

What if I don’t want to use certain fields provided by the WP Job Manager Plugin?

Simple really, just send an empty XML field in the data from Broadbean to WordPress. For example, if you never want to use the company twitter field, make sure you send an empty field like this: