WP LogicMelon WordPress plugin

  • Do you want the jobs you write in LogicMelon to be available on your WordPress website?
  • Do you want candidates to able to apply for these jobs on your WordPress site and have their application tracked back to LogicMelon?

If you answered yes then the WP LogicMelon WordPress plugin is perfect for you.

Integrate WordPress and LogicMelon

The WP LogicMelon WordPress plugin is the easiest way to integrate LogicMelon and WordPress. This means that you can choose your WordPress website as a posting destination when writing a job in LogicMelon and the jobs get displayed on your WordPress site.

In addition, candidates can apply for jobs on your WordPress site, using the plugin hosted form and these applications get tracked back into LogicMelon to appear with other candidate applications from other job boards.

LogicMelon Jobs inside WordPress

When a job is sent to your WordPress site, it gets stored like any other post or page, in a new post type named jobs. Each job can have a customised set of data associated with it, for example title, description, job reference and salary, as well as being able to group jobs by job industry, location and type.

The plugin uses your current them to display these jobs but a little styling and adding some templates means you can fully customise the way in which the jobs are viewed on your site. Our support documentation provides all the information you need to know about this and much more.