WP Job Manager Broadbean Add-on

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  • Jobs posted in Broadbean appear in your WordPress website
  • Candidate applications can be tracked in Broadbean
  • Developer friendly using in-built hooks and filters
  • Support and updates

The WP Job Manager Broadbean Add-on is a WordPress plugin which, once installed and configured allows jobs posted in Broadbean to appear in your WordPress website. Additionally it allows candidate applications from on your WordPress site to be tracked with applications from other sources in Broadbean Adcourier as the applications are sent back to Broadbean. The add-on requires the WP Job Manager plugin to be installed and activated in order to function.

Easy integration

The add-on fully integrates with the WP Job Manager plugin including if you have additional fields and taxonomies associated with your jobs. It also integrates with the applications add-on if installed.


The plugin is built with extensibility from the ground up. This allows developers to make changes, add fields, remove taxonomies and much much more, without breaking the plugin itself. It is developer friendly for sure.

Applicant tracking

The plugin will allow applications submitted by candidates on your WordPress site through the WP Job Manager functionality to be tracked in Broadbean. This keeps your WordPress application along with others from other job boards. We recommend the Applications add-on to allow candidates to complete an application form. The plugin works well with this add-on.

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