Winning WordPress Projects

How to write killer proposals and deliver winning pitches for WordPress projects

  • Do you struggle to write project proposals?
  • Are you unsure about what should be in a project pitch?
  • Does preparing proposals and pitches take you AGES?
  • Is your conversion rate really low?

We were the same…until recently.

Now, we’re using a new approach which has yielded some excellent results. In fact, using this system to writing proposals and pitching for work has recently won us over £90,000 worth of work. We are now booked up until early 2022!

Want to know EXACTLY how we do it?

Winning WordPress Projects” includes:

  • A guide on how to write proposals for WordPress projects including:
    • What to include
    • How much detail to go into
    • What isn’t worth talking about
    • How to stand out from others who are going to be submitting proposals
  • How to write a pitch presentation and what to include and talk about
  • A multi-format downloadable proposal template which you can use as the outline for proposals for WordPress projects going forward
  • Pitch presentation templates for the outline of your presentation to the team
  • Video walkthrough of the above

Pre-launch discount

Launch price for Winning WordPress Projects will be £99 but you can lock in a 50% saving today.

The product will launch in early August and you’ll be the first to receive it.

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Frequently asked questions

Will this guarantee that I will win more work?

Unfortunately not as we can’t guarantee that but we will share what has worked for us over the past couple of months.

How will I receive my copy of the eBook?

Once the eBook is ready,  we will send you an email with a link to download the eBook and the associated resources. This will be a ZIP file that allows you to download everything.

How long is the 1-on-1 review option?

With this option you get the eBook delivered to you and then once you have produced your proposal one of the Highrise Digital team will spend up to 45 minutes via video call giving feedback on your proposal and pitch presentation.

What if the eBook never gets published?

If for whatever reason the eBook is not published by the end of August 2021 we will refund all the purchases of those who have locked in at the early bird price.


If, for any reason, WPP does not go live before the end August you will receive a full refund on your purchase.