Website specification template

Writing a detailed specification will help set your project up for success, and allow development teams to give more accurate quotes.

This download is a template to save you time and give your specification the structure and detail that it needs so that you avoid unwanted surprises, don’t waste your money, and get a project that your business needs.

The download is a zip file that contains the template in:

  • .docx (e.g. Microsoft Word)
  • .odt (OpenDocument Format)
  • .rtf (Rich Text Format)
  • .pdf

Pay what you want pricing

If you’re a student, charity, or strapped for cash we want you to be able to afford this and if you’re a big business, then we think that you should pay a little more.

That’s why we use a ‘pay what you like’ plan. Choose the price that suits your budget. 😄

100% money-back guarantee

If you are not happy with the template we will offer you your money back with no questions asked (although, we’d love to know why you’re not happy so that we can improve it).