Editing shortcode output with templates

The plugin allows you have different views for different shortcodes using its templates feature.

Imagine you want to use the shortocde in 2 or 3 different places in your site but in each location you want the outputs and markup to be different.

When you declare the shortcode you can pass a template argument which expects a string of the name of a template to look for in your sites active theme.

All of the custom templates should be placed in the following location.


Obviously, {active-theme} represents the folder name of the theme you have active on your site.


Using the following shortcode would look for a file named job-home.php in your active theme path outlined above.

[wpbb_jobs template="home"]

To get your started with templates you can save a copy of the plugin location in your theme and then edit them from there.

A note about child themes

It is worth noting that whenever you are placing template files into your theme, it is always worth creating a child theme first so as to avoid updates overwriting your changes.